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Veterinary tools, instruments

According to our creed, we profess to be a specialist in the first place and a trader in the second place, which is why we know that veterinarians need a number of veterinary tools and instruments to do their job completely.

These needs are addressed by our instrument and instrument business, which offers a wide range of protective equipment and clothing, animal braking and handling aids, animal marking and identification equipment, biocides, disinfectants, veterinary procedures, general diagnostic and general surgical handicrafts, , ECG diagnostic instruments, Endoscopy and dental, ophthalmic and neutering devices, catheters (urethra, uterus), probes, pins, bandages, wound closure devices, sterilization devices, obstetrics, reproductive biological devices, as well as massacres and medication dispensers.

Veterinary tools, instruments

You can also solve the complete equipment of your office, because in addition to the above product categories, you can find laboratory diagnostic tools, veterinary office equipment, X-ray diagnostic tools, instruments, surgical-related machines, tools, complete ultrasound diagnostic equipment, or even think of rapidly declining low-value devices. such as needles, syringes, venous cannulas, blood collection devices, etc.

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