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Tolnagro Limited is 20 years old!

Tolnagro Limited is 20 years old!

Tolnagro Limited is 20 years old!

We would like to say thank you for the work of the last 20 years to all of our Partners! Let’s look back for the most significant moments!

  • New animal pharmacy, show room and pet shop at our premises in Szekszárd!

    We look forward to seeing our current and new customers in a renewed environment with a broad product portfolio – Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm!

The number of Tolnagro’s office buildings increased with a three- storeyed, modern style office building on the neighbour plot, with a view to the Rákóczi street.

The financial section has been working in the new building since 21st June 2013. The office building is suited to host conferences, meetings and qualification programs. 


Tolnagro Hírek elégedettségi kérdőív 2017.

Véleménye fontos számunkra, ezért szeretnénk felmérni azt, hogy mit gondol Ön Tolnagro Hírek című kiadványunkról.

Business Superbrands 2017 díj

A Tolnagro márka idén is elnyerte a Business Superbrands kitüntetést 2017-ben!

Pro Universitate Mecenatúra kitűntetés

Dr. Varga József, a Tolnagro Cégcsoport tulajdonosa 2017. február 24-én vehette át az Állatorvostudományi Egyetem diplomaosztóján a Pro Universitate Mecenatúra kitűntetést.

Tolnagro Limited is 20 years old!

Tolnagro Limited is 20 years old!

Opening of Equus Klub!

Social responsibility is part of our everyday life!

The cellar club of the Veterinary University - called Equus Klub – was completely renovated by the support of Tolnagro consortium!


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